Formal Subtraction

Have a go at this online game using column (formal) method of subtraction.

Subtraction game

Another subtraction activity

Putting a text into Chronological Order

A jam sandwich


  • Use the knife to spread butter on one side of both slices of
  •  Place two slices of bread on the plate
  • Cut the sandwich into four squares or four triangles
  •  Spread jam on top of the butter on one of the slices
  •  Eat and enjoy your sandwiches while they are fresh.
  •  Take the slice of bread with no jam on and put it on top of the
    jammed slice.
  •  The buttered side should go on top of the jam.

a conclusion

Finally home and bursting with wonder. I can’t wait to tell my beloved family my magnificent secret. As I tremble with fear, I have no idea what they would think of me. They might think I’m completely out of my head. I take a deep breathe and tell my family. ” mother , father I need to tell you something.” I said in a worried voice. “what could we assist you with?”I gulped. my heart was beating like a thousand drums in a marching band. “I’ ve found a key to another world not like any other.


an conclusion

Finally, I come home in my man city kit and my mum’s face light up like a firework on Christmas day. I tell my family. That I got scouted by man city my mum is so happy for me. I said I have to go to England for the premier league, “Ok, “said my mum so in the morning I get on the plane. And go to England Ahmed went to Wembley  stadium Ahmed shout and the goalie saved it Aguero had the ball. And he got injured and Ahmed took the penalty and he hit the ball with power and struck the ball with a Knucleball.


Finally, I arrive home after, the long day. I have come to revel my, secrete.  I’ve been bursting for this moment. My parents stared at my face and wondered why my face was so red like a red tomato. I swiftly put my hand in my pocet and gentely take my key out. I started talking.”I found the key to another world a world where anything is possible I won’t have to do work as a child this is the place I wanted to be in.” We all held the key and twist it and lived the best life ever.

The secret

Finally I have arrived back at home, I have been waiting for long that my heart is pumping with fear, I really need to tell my secret! As I walked into the door they looked very normal, but when I decided to tell them they all smiled, they said “ How? Why? Where?” I took the key out of my pocket their eyes were still placed on the key I showed them. When I explained to them how I found it they were very shocked and couldn’t understand and were saying I am  going crazy. When they said ” why did you not tell us sooner”!?

Story conclusion The secret of doom!

Finally I am at home and all day long my head has been banging   in my head.  Once   I get home my hand shakes with fear. Then I put it in my pocket but all faces are on me. My mum called   me but I say I have something to tell you. I take a deep breath and tell them I have opened a new key ingredient to a new world. I told them i one 200,00 for  descovering  this.My mum smiled  happily.


Have a go at these games!



Ahmed’s Secret

We will be continuing our writing on Padlet

Made with Padlet



Ahmed’s Secret


Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer

Oliver’s review of: Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fiction

Magnus chase. Magnus is 16 when he figures out that, he, is the son of Frey, a Norse god. If the surname Chase sounds familiar, then good! Same author of Percy Jackson. Anyway, on his 16th birthday, Magnus finds out his father lost his birth Right about 2,000 years ago and it’s a sword. Holding the sword as he died ( did I mention he dies? well, he does ) and ends up in Valhalla . And that’s just the beginning…

Black Friday Maths


It is Black Friday today so let’s go shopping for someone who likes riding a bike.

Can you find the prices for the following items and add it up as you go along. Do not add anything to the online basket.

A pair of Fizik R1B Road Cycling Shoes RED Size 43

A set of Look Keo Classic 3 pedals

A pair of Sportful No Rain Legwarmers Size Small

Bolle The One Premium Helmet Black Carbon Size 58-62

TWO Pirelli P-Zero Velo Clincher Tyres Size 700×25

and finally

A pair Defeet Aireator Jitter Bug Socks Black/Multicolour Size Small

Shop here @ Sigma Sport

Boxing Up first paragraph

So what does the first paragraph need to tell the reader? What is it’s purpose?

What about the other paragraphs?

What are the most important features of a recount?


iraj’s parents evening

Today I had my parents Evening. My parents came for parents evening. They looked in my books to see what I have been doing in the class. after reading all the books Mr Martinez came down the stairs and called us to the class. When we arrived in the class we talked about our targets and what I should do in the future.  We took my reports and this was all that happened in my parents evening the end. My parents were very happy with my progress and especially Mr Martinez’s attitude.

Maths Investigations – convincing a sceptic

Square Numbers Investigation

Write any you find in your maths book, then add them as a comment to this blog post – eg. 25 = 5×5


Astronaut – Have you got what it takes?

Programme link


I came into your class today and saw that you were watching something about Space and science. Of course that interested me immensely.

So please can someone review the film you watched. Tell me as much as you can about it, why you watched it and what you learned from it.

Remember if you have any questions about anything from the film – write a good blog post about your question and I’ll try and find an ‘expert’ to come back to you with an answer.

Mr L

What’s the point of Nintendo using AR?

Now, Nintendo have used AR like nothing else. PokemonGo. That’s right, Pokemon Go uses AR. Now, you’re asking yourself ‘but O, what is AR????🤔’ well, my friends, AR is Augmented Reality, putting stuff, from your phone into the real world. Crazy? I think not. While VR, virtual reality, is the biggest and most popular between gaming industries, AR is a TON easier to run and so forth. Nintendo is apparently trying to make an AR headset for the SWITCH.

Sorry for this being the absolute most BORING thing on the planet to listen to but, this was originally reviewed by a YouTuber whose channel is called Game Theory. He is absolutely the best theorist I have personally seen. 💩 Byeeeeeeeee!

Percy Jackson and the lightning theif

Oliver’s review of: Percy Jackson and the lightning theif
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fiction

It is about a 12 year old boy who learns he is a son of a Greek god. Percy has been accused of the theft of zeus’s master bolt, the most POWEFUL weapon in the universe. Percy must return it to Zeus by the summer solstice and prove his innocence…

Sorry about the date. It’s been soooooo long since I finished it for the first time, I’ve forgot. ?? ??

Percy Jackson and the lightning theif

Oliver’s review of: Percy Jackson and the lightning theif
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fiction

It is about a 12 year old boy who learns he is a son of a Greek god. Percy has been accused of the theft of zeus’s master bolt, the most POWEFUL weapon in the universe. Percy must return it to Zeus by the summer solstice and prove his innocence…

Sorry about the date. It’s been soooooo long since I finished it for the first time, I’ve forgot. ?? ??

Are you a Multiplication Demon?

Interactive Game to practice Times Tables

So boys what do you think of this? It looked like you were enjoying it?

Are you multiplication demon now?  


After you have played and enjoyed the game – can you write a review for the blog. Remember to tell the reader all about it – you could think of the 5ws even though this is maths not literacy.


Rounding to nearest 10, 100, 1000 and even nearest 1!

Rounding challenge – use the dartboard.

Start with the reveal answers side.

Write the number in your book then your answer. Then check on the dartboard.


Playscript to Narrative

Can we put this famous story back into a narrative form from the play-script below.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

 Narrator: One day the moon was out for a walk.

Moon: Oh My! What is that I see?

Narrator: He shined his light on a leaf.

Moon: Oooooo. An egg!

Narrator: The moon kept that egg safe all night.

Sun: And I kept him warm all DAY!

Narrator: One Sunday, as the sun came up-

Caterpillar: POP!!

Narrator: Out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar.

Caterpillar: Hi! I am VERY HUNGRY!!!

Narrator: He started to look for food.

Caterpillar: Hmmm….what to eat?

Narrator: On Monday- he ate through 1 apple.

Apple: Hehehehe. That tickles!

Caterpillar: I am still hungry.

Narrator: On Tuesday he ate through 2 pears.

Pears: Hahahaha. That tickles!

Caterpillar: I am still hungry.

Narrator: On Wednesday he ate through 3 plums.

Plums: Hohohohoh. That tickles!

Caterpillar: I am still hungry.

Narrator: On Thursday he ate through 4 strawberries.

Strawberries: Hihihihihihih. That tickles!

Caterpillar: I am still hungry.

Narrator: On Friday he ate through 5 oranges.

Oranges: Huhuhuhuhu. That tickles.

Caterpillar: I am still hungry.

Narrator: On Saturday he ate through…

ALL: ONE piece of cake, ONE ice cream, ONE pickle, ONE slice of Swiss cheese, ONE slice of salami, ONE lollipop, ONE piece of cherry pie, ONE sausage, ONE cupcake, and ONE slice of watermelon. (if each of these characters is played separately-they can each make a little noise as he passes and ‘eats’ them if you want)




Number sequences

Have a go at these number sequence games online.

Addition sequences

Subtraction sequences

Safe buster

After you have had a ‘play’ can you write a sentence about each one telling everybody what each games was like and how it helped your learning.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Website

Just have a go at Level I, II, and III to start with

When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it helped your learning!

Then if you think you are really smart try this Roman Numeral jigsaw puzzle

Can you write your date of birth as Roman Numerals?

Mine is    XV – IV – MCMLXXI        15 – 04 -1971


Play Script

Autocue, teleprompter – both of these are names of the script that people use to read the words that they need read out.

We are going to have a go at creating our own ‘Chestnut 1’ playscript for an autocue.

EasyPrompter – create your own Autocue

Write your script into EasyPrompter.

Here is the result of one of the group’s Autocue for a well known playscript!


julia g’s review of: Beauty
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Fiction

Beauty is a girl who is a fan of a baby show called Sam A Lily in the Rabbit Hatch. Once her party was over she and her mum ran away. Read the book to see what happen NEXT!!!

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