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Autocue, teleprompter – both of these are names of the script that people use to read the words that they need read out.

We are going to have a go at creating our own ‘Chestnut 1’ playscript for an autocue.

EasyPrompter – create your own Autocue

Write your script into EasyPrompter.

Here is the result of one of the group’s Autocue for a well known playscript!

12 Responses to “Play Script”

  1. I’d rather use a prompter than a script because with a script you keep on looking down to see the next bit and it makes noise when you move the paper, but with a prompter, you can see it of you just look straight.


  2. I would rather use a script because while your reading a prompter it might go to fast for you to read it so you might miss out some lines.


  3. I think Autocue is better than a playscript because instead of all the ruffling with the paper but with the computer it wont make a sound and you can make the writing as big as you want /as fast as you want.


  4. If I was on stage I would prefer using the screen because I find it more easier to read and I also find It better because It’s fun to read on the screen .


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