What’s the point of Nintendo using AR?

Now, Nintendo have used AR like nothing else. PokemonGo. That’s right, Pokemon Go uses AR. Now, you’re asking yourself ‘but O, what is AR????🤔’ well, my friends, AR is Augmented Reality, putting stuff, from your phone into the real world. Crazy? I think not. While VR, virtual reality, is the biggest and most popular between gaming industries, AR is a TON easier to run and so forth. Nintendo is apparently trying to make an AR headset for the SWITCH.

Sorry for this being the absolute most BORING thing on the planet to listen to but, this was originally reviewed by a YouTuber whose channel is called Game Theory. He is absolutely the best theorist I have personally seen. 💩 Byeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Hi Oliver,

    Wow what a lovely post! I am also interested in augmented reality.

    You might have heard of Google Glass https://www.x.company/glass/ which can help doctors perform surgery and mechanics fix cars, all using AR! Can you think of any other industry uses for AR?

    Mr O’Sullivan


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