Boxing Up first paragraph

So what does the first paragraph need to tell the reader? What is it’s purpose?

What about the other paragraphs?

What are the most important features of a recount?


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  1. In the first paragraph you need to hook the reader in. As well as answering these questions:







    The middle paragraphs can do either / both / all of these things:

    1)add detail

    2)add description

    3)build up susspense

    The end 2 / 3 / 4 paragraphs bring the recount to a close and reveal the BIG



    1)Adverbials / Fronted adverbials -PLATINUM

    2)relative clauses -GOLD

    3)dialogue -SILVER

    4)present perfect -BRONZE

    5)modal verbs -COPPER


  2. The first and second paragraphs needs to tell the reader 5 things
    1. who
    2. what
    3. where
    4. when
    5. why/how

    The other paragraphs need to have a purpose.
    Paragraph 3. adds detail and description of the main character
    P4. introduces the reader to the main character’s life.
    P5. builds suspense onto the ”main DUN DUN DUN”
    P6. builds a little extra suspense
    Middle Paragraphs. add description and/or add detail and/or build suspense
    End 2 or 3 paragraphs. Close the recount and reveal the ”main DUN DUN DUN”.
    Rank Features.

    Top-1: Adverbials/Fronted Adverbials
    Top-2: Relative Clauses
    Top-3: Dialogue
    Bottom-3: Present Perfect
    Bottom-2: Modal Verbs
    Bottom-1: Colons To Introduce a List


  3. The first paragraph,is like the introduction.Its purpose is that it should hook the reader just enough to make the reader read the text.The middle paragraph creates suspense to the reader so they will carry on reading the text. Finally, the last paragraph reveals the suspense the reader has been waiting for.


  4. Adverbials
    relative clauses


  5. The first paragraph introduces what the story is about and so they can understand what the story is about.Middle paragraph make suspense and detail so they can carry on the story.Finally the last paragraph reveals suspense to the reader.



  6. Justification
    I think that adverbials are first because they are the best describing material and without adverbials (and fronted adverbials) a text would be very, very, very, very, very bad.

    Relative clauses are second because its almost the exact same as adverbials, apart from they add detail to an object. When you remove relative clauses,the text becomes ALMOST as bad as without adverbials. I say almost since they are not as powerful as adverbials.

    Dialogue is third because it gives a greater understanding of the text as it creates sound in words and you can tell what they are saying better.

    Present perfect is fourth because


  7. 1.present perfect
    2 .adverbials
    3.relative clauses
    4.colons to introduce a list
    I chose the present perfect to be first because the other features are there to add detail whereas present perfect refers to the past.


  8. I picked adverbials / fronted adverbials because without them the text would be very simple and basic.

    I picked relative clauses as my number two because they add description to an object (like an adverbial).

    I picked dialogue for my number three because it alows you to get a greater understanding of the text.

    I picked present perfect as fourth because it helps create flashbacks.


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