Boxing Up first paragraph

So what does the first paragraph need to tell the reader? What is it’s purpose? What about the other paragraphs? What are the most important features of a recount?  

Playscript to Narrative

Can we put this famous story back into a narrative form from the play-script below. The Very Hungry Caterpillar ┬áNarrator: One day the moon was out for a walk. Moon: Oh My! What is that I see? Narrator: He shined his light on a leaf. Moon: Oooooo. An egg! Narrator: The moon kept that egg […]

Play Script

Autocue, teleprompter – both of these are names of the script that people use to read the words that they need read out. We are going to have a go at creating our own ‘Chestnut 1’ playscript for an autocue. EasyPrompter – create your own Autocue Write your script into EasyPrompter. Here is the result […]

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