Black Friday Maths

  It is Black Friday today so let’s go shopping for someone who likes riding a bike. Can you find the prices for the following items and add it up as you go along. Do not add anything to the online basket. A pair of Fizik R1B Road Cycling Shoes RED Size 43 A set […]

Maths Investigations – convincing a sceptic

Square Numbers Investigation

Write any you find in your maths book, then add them as a comment to this blog post – eg. 25 = 5×5  

Are you a Multiplication Demon?

Interactive Game to practice Times Tables So boys what do you think of this? It looked like you were enjoying it? Are you multiplication demon now?     After you have played and enjoyed the game – can you write a review for the blog. Remember to tell the reader all about it – you could […]

Number sequences

Have a go at these number sequence games online. Addition sequences Subtraction sequences Safe buster After you have had a ‘play’ can you write a sentence about each one telling everybody what each games was like and how it helped your learning.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Website Just have a go at Level I, II, and III to start with When you have had a go at the interactive games – write a comment to tell the others all about it and how it helped your learning! Then if you think you are really smart try this Roman Numeral […]

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